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My Story

Welcome to my updated website for Misty Ridge Corgis!


Much has changed for me in the years since my husband Jim died.  I finally retired last year after 10 years in research at the Barbara Davis Center for Juvenile Diabetes.  It was time!  My old-fashioned ways were no match for modern technology.  The next generation of researchers will go farther than we ever dreamed of and accomplish more.  I added to the body of understanding (and got published!) but it was time to move on.


In the meantime,  back at the ranch….

My nephew built a house directly across the street from me with a huge walkout basement!  He finished the basement and I moved in with him.  I consider it assisted living!  I have a huge fenced backyard and live on 35 acres.  Lots of room for the dogs.  Although I am literally across the street, the dividing line for Parker and Elizabeth is County Road 186.  This means that I now have an Elizabeth address. 


I am not showing anymore.  I don’t care for the politics in the show ring.  But I do still have the corgis.  My champion Misty Ridge Taylor’s Sherriff Longmire is living with me.  He was with my dear friend Betty Strohmeier but she, unfortunately, passed away late last year, so he is now here “on the ranch “.  And I have a young red and white bitch I acquired from Juxi Burr in New Mexico.  Justes B Cody’s Valentine via Misty Ridge.  I currently am working with her in obedience with the aim of putting her in Rally this year.


And the girls, Stevie (Misty Ridge Liam’s Stevie the Wonder) and Anna (Misty Ridge Taint no Ice Queen).


To round out the group…my great niece has 2 of my corgis, Alexander and Peaches. 


I  have a 3-year-old tri girl (Misty Ridge What the Blazes) who I bred to Topper (aka Sherriff Longmire).  She whelped in early January via C-section.  All the pups survived!!!  And Lizzie is a great mom!  I got 5 girls and one boy.  One of the girls is a tri, the others are all red and white.  AND (although it has been quite a while) I have one fluff girl.   


Since Topper is clear for DM (degenerative myelopathy) while Lizzie is a carrier,  the puppies can be carriers (which 3 are) but since they also carry the “good” allele,  they will NOT get DM.  And the whole litter is vWD clear. 


I am asking $2000 for each puppy.  90% of potential buyers start by saying “I don’t want a show dog” Ergo, they always want to know if I will sell the “non-show puppies (like the fluff) for less.  I will not! As a fellow breeder once told me,  they put out the same amount of poop,  the vet charges the same for the shots, and you feed them the same so why charge  less? 


But I am offering a healthy, vaccinated, socialized puppy with a guarantee.  If it is determined by a vet that the pup you buy has a genetic defect that would cause it to not be healthy or normal,  I will replace it or give you your money back.  And,  if your circumstances change and you are unable to keep the pup,  I will take it back but I WILL NOT refund your money.


They have all had their first shots, been wormed, and had a thorough vet exam.  (Yes,  I hauled 6 puppies across town for this event!)


These pups have some of the best temperaments that I have ever seen.  My great niece and great nephew (6 and 8 respectively) haul them around the backyard and run and play with them and the pups love it!!  The fluff will sit in your arms for hours and snuggle.  We just had a storm last night and I put the pups out with Valentine and they are cavorting around the backyard with never a thought to the snow!  



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