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In Memoriam

I know that this website has been inactive for, well for quite a while now, and I appreciate all the past inqueries about wanting to own one of my puppies.


To explain, my husband and I were in the process of trying to update it when Jim had a massive heart attack and died.  That was on May 17th in 2016.  Needless to say,  my world went to pieces in a very short time and I struggled to maintain a semblance of my life, going on alone after 43 years of marriage.  I was blessed with caring friends and relatives who helped me recover--and there were always the dogs! 


Stevie, the official "mommy dog", became my constant companion as well as my crying towel.  And the breedings put into motion before his death continued after his passing.  Three days after he died I had a litter from Deano and Bean.  Thankfully,  my brother was there to help and having the puppies to care for kept me grounded while I struggled with my grief.  


I have gradually gotten back into the show circuit with my own "keeper" from the Deano x Bean litter (aka Sweetie) while others campaigned their puppies with my kennel name on them. 

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