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Misty Ridge Corgi Puppies

Thank you for the interest in our corgis!
At this time we don’t have any left. We do not have litters in the winter. The days are too short and the weather too cold to really care for babies the way we like to. So, we avoid breeding our girls in the fall and winter.

We will be having 2 litters next spring 2016. When exactly depends on when the girls come into heat and we have no control over that. We always hope that the 2 we are going to bred will come in in late January and/or early February which actually works out well. But if they are true to form, they should come in around February and March, which makes babies around May and June.

We give first selections to the show pups and obviously ones that we may want to keep and show ourselves. Pet puppies will be available with a Limited Registration and a spay/neuter contract after that.

Our prices are $1000 for pets and $1700 for show pups, which includes first shots and a vet exam.

If you are still hunting for a pet, contact us again next year.
Good luck!
Marynette & Jim


Please email us at, send us a message below about our upcoming litters.



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